• Climbing
    Step One
    Take the video in landscape mode, holding your phone/camera horizontally.
  • Climbing
    Step Two
    Choose an open area with bright or natural light so that your cat’s movements are easy to see and follow.
  • Climbing
    Step Three
    No other cats, animals, or people should be seen in the video. Your one cat is the star.
  • Climbing
    Step Four
    To find out whether your cat may be in pain, take a video showing your cat doing one of these actions:
    • Climbing up or climbing down stairs
    • Jumping up to or jumping down from a table or chair
  • Climbing
    Step Five
    When taking the video, show your cat’s whole body, from the side, so Cat Pain IQ can better track and analyze each action.
  • Climbing
    Step Six
    Please keep your video short—only around 5 to 10 seconds. You only need to show your cat doing the complete action once.
After you take the video, check it to make sure you’ve followed all the steps and that the picture quality is bright and clear. Then simply upload your video, and Cat Pain IQ can get the video analysis started!